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Fragrances are used in the production of candles from paraffin wax, wax and granulated wax candles.

Floral scent.

This composition is widely used in the creation of aromatic oils, creams, ready-made emulsions, balms and handmade soaps.

Very important! For candles, only candle fragrances are used, which, when heated, transmit the selected scent throughout the home or office.

Candle scent is ideal for making handmade soaps or soaps from scratch. By adding just three drops, you will get a lasting aroma from your product.

not toxic.

The fragrance can be used in diffusers, air fresheners, household chemicals, candles, oils, as well as for creating cosmetics at home.

Made In: Germany

Product color: opalescent

Type: liquid

Description of smell:  Floral

concentration: 1 – 5%

 Add a few drops of fragrance to the melted candle (depending on the desired result)

Thermal stability: 220 degrees

Storage conditions: in a cool dark place in a tightly closed container


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25 ml, 50 ml


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