Holy Water from the River Jordan

Holy Water from Jordan River (The Baptism site of Jesus Christ)

54,00 AED

Dry Purified Dead Sea Mud

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  • Guaranteed authenticity by the label of the baptism site commission (The Orthodox Patriarchate and The Catholic Church of Jordan).
  • Blessed by a both churches (Orthodox & Catholic).
  • Used for baptisms, blessing individuals, churches, homes, and articles of devotion.
  • Bottled in blue glass to protect the water from sunlight and UV radiation.
  • The box can be used as a countertop display for an easy and catchy view for the customers.

The Jordan River Holy Water is the only remaining earthly substance that Jesus touched. Early Christian writers asserted that Jesus Christ Baptism in the Jordan River with the presence of the Holy Spirit, sanctified the water of the Jordan River. Jesus Himself confirmed the importance and power of Holy Water to the rebirth of the believer, as He said, “Now I tell you the truth, no one can enter the Kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.” (John 3:5)



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